Johnny May

Canadian Author and Musician

Johnny has written songs for the band "Toronto” and other Canadian artists. His concern about the intrusion of technology into our privacy and its impact on our social interactions are mirrored in his most recent musical release "Cracking Sapphires” as well as his book "Lethal Keystrokes."

Johnny May lives with his wife in Ontario and is constantly active with new music, writing, building, gardening, and landscaping projects.

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Johnny's Novel under the name of John D. May, “Lethal Keystrokes”, is now available.
(Granville Island Publishing)

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In this action-packed novel by John D. May, it's a race to see who will succeed: terrorists and their plan for revenge and destruction, or the FBI and the American public in their efforts to stop them. Lethal Keystrokes is an extremely well-written and thoroughly plotted thriller suspense novel. After you start reading, I promise you won't be able to tear your eyes from the pages.

Lethal Keystrokes contains a grand scheme of many key characters. Among them are Samir, a master of audio location software who is determined to avenge Somalia and the wrongful death of his father; his sister Fatima, a good-natured young woman who is unable to combat her brother's constant unethical requests; Jenny, Fatima's co-worker who is hot on her trail; and Jenny's husband, Mike, an FBI agent who is usually planted behind his desk and computer screen, but becomes occupied in other ways thanks to Jenny.

John D. May has created a top-notch adult thriller. The plot is extremely well-thought-out, with all of the pieces sewn together perfectly. The balance and variety in perspective and characters bring a feeling of involvement to the reader. The length of the novel is also ideal. A book with so many moving pieces must have an author that has a great understanding of how much time to spend on each plot element, and this one certainly does. John D. May writes superb realistic fiction; he does not hesitate to wipe out the good guys and resists any temptation to embellish the storyline.

Lethal Keystrokes is the perfect book for anyone interested in American terrorism and anyone with a taste for thrills and excellent plots. It is clever and suspenseful; you won't be able to put it down. Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café Books & Reviews.

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